Luxman for sale

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Luxman for sale

Estate Find Fantastic Tuner Excellent Condition. Stay Cool! Both units are very clean and function as they should. Silver faces are beautiful, there are some scuffs on the tops of units. Nothing major. Rising Sun Md.

It was purchased from the original owner many years ago and only used by me for a few months before storing it. It has not been used for many years so I have not powered it up. Very heavy with dual cooling fansPower meters in the front. Rated conservatively at wpc. Will also trade f. Send me an email if you are interest, cash and local pick up only, also you are reading this beca.

Classic Luxman quality and build you no longer see today in very good condition. A conservative 50 watts per channel into 8 ohms. This unit should have sold prior to other items that I have sold. Very nice vintage Luxman stereo receiver.

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In excellent cosmetic and working condition. Sounds great with a very open, clear, full bodied sound. It does have a Phono input for a turntable record player. Power output is rated at about 35 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

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This is a good quality unit that was still made in Japan. See the actual pictures. Located in Weirton, WV.

luxman for sale

Across the. Matching set in great condition. Amp is rated WPC. Warm, tube like sound. Comes with Paradigm floor standing monitors. Local pick-up only. Across the bridge from Steubenvil. Luxman PD turntable. Sounds amazing, looks great, ready to demo. This combination produces a stellar audio performance. If interested, reply by email or just give me a call to set up a time to check it out observing social distancing recommendations.

Sorry, no t.We have a massive range of high quality vintage turntables, accessories and vinyl records. We also specialize in restoring classic premium quality vintage turntables. All of our turntables are serviced, thoroughly tested and come with a full 90 day warranty.

Trade ins are more than welcome We also have over original. Turntables, receivers, speakers etc Looking to buy vintage 70s audio systems and components. BEST prices paid!! Will consider items of any age and condition. Happy to travel to you anywhere in SA. Looking for vintage record players. Amplifiers, receivers, speakers. Cassette, reel to reel, vinyl records, guitars, synths, Walkman, Boombox, memorabilia and any other vintage music related items.

Vintage connoisseur type B transcript Turntable Extremely rare Sugden Connoisseur 's Type B three speed turntable in great condition. This British made wheel driven turntable was created by A. I'm going to start by saying that I'm not an audiophile and although I have a large collection of vinyl and other turntables I'm in no way an expert. I started this up a few days back and the platter spins when turned on and the speed changes when selecting the 33,45,78 RPM.

luxman for sale

Luxman FQ Receiver Amplifier. Pick up only. I am an avid collector of all vintage audio formats. I love it all. If it's broken I will still take it. Send me pictures or model numbers and I will offer fair prices for your old HiFi gear. All brands. Luxman, Yamaha, pioneer, marantz, sansui, etc.

All devices. Record players, amplifiers and tape decks. Keen for vinyl records or cassette tapes as well.

I am willing to travel and pay good prices! Selling a beautiful Luxman lv amplifier, watts per channel, one of the best Japanese built amplifier, tonnes of power and a beautiful sound, selling due to upgrade, have a listen, you won't be disappointed! Vintage hi fi enthusiast seeking stereo hi fi gear for parts, repair and restoration.

Mostly interested in s solid state.Legacy link: This new site was launched in July Visit the older site to access previous articles by clicking above.

I begin forming strong opinions of an audio component at the unboxing stage. Consumers pay enough money for this stuff -- they want to have their cake and eat it, too.

The Luxman ticks both boxes with bold pen strokes. It makes you want to operate it not with the remote control, but up close and personal, the old-fashioned way: at its front panel, pushing buttons and twisting knobs. The LX measures Under these vents, a screen of metal mesh protects the circuitry from the world while allowing ample airflow to cool the interior.

The rear panel has corresponding Pre Out and Main In jacks. And in the corner at lower right is a Phones jack. The rear of the LX is neatly organized. Running along the bottom of the rear panel are the four pairs of binding posts for Speakers A and B. The AC inlet is in the lower right corner.

Available only with the remote are switching between mono and stereo, turning the meters and their backlighting on and off, and Loudness. Luxman makes internal connections using their own oxygen-free copper OFC wire, and they use heavier-gauge OFC to connect the speaker output board. The LX is specified to output Wpc into 8 ohms or Wpc into 4 ohms -- it should be able to drive all but the most power-hungry speakers, producing a claimed 0.

In a nice touch, the LX is shipped with its RCA and XLR input jacks protected with plastic caps, to prevent dust from entering any connectors left unused. The binding posts are plastic-shrouded metal jobs that accept spades or bare wire from directly above or below, but not at an angle, and are also compatible with banana plugs. The joins of my review sample were perfect, the metalwork luxurious, and I could tell that whoever assembled it took pride in their work.

For instance, those little caps covering the input jacks -- a small symbol is stamped on the end of each, and though the caps on the RCA jacks rotate freely through degrees, whoever installed them made sure that all of these symbols were oriented in precisely the same direction.

Someone -- probably multiple someones -- cared, and it shows. In my years as an audio reviewer, some components have so challenged my powers of observation that I had a hard time finding defining characteristics of their sound to write about.

That can be good or bad. The Luxman LX was not one of those products.Incremental improvements accumulate to create a worthy successor that is built on heritage and introduces a new concept of value. The New LECUA is the most important part of the pre-amplifier section and handles volume adjustment of sound signals at micro levels. The New LECUA enables the volume to be adjusted smoothly and finely in 88 steps thereby minimizing the deterioration of the sound quality.

A direct connection between the attenuator circuit and amplification circuit is made to minimize the signal transmission route and improve efficiency.

What is more, this type of design is insensitive to external vibration, eliminates any change in sound quality depending on the position and durable so that it will not decline with the passage of time. This features a fast-primary slew rate and an ultra-wide bandwidth that is achieved through the feedback of distortion components only from the amplification output circuit. This type of circuit can achieve high power ratings that are comparable to a separate amplifier and has the force to drive various speaker systems to deliver high grade sound reproduction.

This ensures an instantaneous, constant and stable current that will exhaustively deliver sound dynamism. The LuXII features a new discrete,embedded buffer circuit mounted on the output stage of the pre-amplifier circuit that is equivalent to the type used in the high-end Cu. This helps to protect the purity of the audio signal whilst enhancing the drive force of the power amplifier unit. Large-capacity, low resistance speaker relays are connected in parallel to enable lossless transmission for the powerful driving force that is generated by the large-scale output circuit.

In addition, the damping factor has been improved from to by directly connecting to the speaker terminals thus enabling a dynamic sound expression. To realise a smooth, stress free signal transmission LUXMAN use an original Beeline construction that is a non-angled wiring pattern to allow the signal transmission to take the shortest optimal route.

OFC wires are used in the internal wiring of the LuXII to achieve a natural signal transmission due to the spiral wrap shielding on each core and non-plating process on the core wire.

This model is generously equipped with many custom-made parts designed to achieve high sound quality such as Y lugs for a secure connection. Gradation cast iron legs that are used for the LUXMAN series separate amplifier are fitted to eliminate resonance for the LuXII, taking thorough countermeasures against vibration.

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The solid loopless chassis with horough grounding adds to the structural stability and therefore sound quality. Gallery Spec Download. Discrete buffer circuit The LuXII features a new discrete,embedded buffer circuit mounted on the output stage of the pre-amplifier circuit that is equivalent to the type used in the high-end Cu. Low impedance transmission Large-capacity, low resistance speaker relays are connected in parallel to enable lossless transmission for the powerful driving force that is generated by the large-scale output circuit.The realisation of a desirable ideal the ultimate refinement of separates in a single unit.

Bringing an evolved and expressive Class A sound to the peak of integrated amplifier. Incremental improvements accumulate to create a worthy successor that is built on heritage and introduces a new concept of value.

The attraction of the LuXII is its new level of refinement, approaching perfection as an authentically desirable product. Exquisite sound, flagship pedigree. A dream come true. Longing dream comes true Flagship pedigree of exquisite sound. Compact stereo power amplifier in B4 size Xmm. An attractive custom vacuum tube control amplifier. Top-end disk player, for enjoying a wide variety of sound sources. Genealogy of the flagship, concentrating digital playback charms.

Next generation digital media player for profound musical expression. Exceptional playback of Compact Disc and high-res audio files. Allow the musical character within the groove to truly breathe. Arrival of armless type, pursuing possibility of analog reproduction. Preserving the fragile beauty of analog music reproduction.

This unit is a fusion of the best specifications that can maximize the output of any audio source and a system that can truly make music connect with the listener. Advanced versatility. A vacuum tube amplifier design that performs vinyl playback as you desire. A complete phono equaliser designed for rich vinyl playback. Luxman's original, high quality playback software.Luxman Tuners. Tuners are listed in alphabetical and numerical sequence by model number.

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We have posted updated eBay sale price data on this page through April ; data for "as is" or damaged tuners, or otherwise unrepresentative auctions, may be excluded. Many of the tuners he describes are listed below, but not reviewed. We'd like to put writeups of more of them on this page if our readers will provide the usual basic information on them types of controls and features, and any personal anecdotes or comparisons to other tuners. In addition, there are many Luxman tuners in the On-Deck Circle that may be worthy of a full writeup.

Please post in our FMtuners group if you have any information about any "Luxmen" that we haven't reviewed. See the T listing below for a comparison of that tuner and the 5T The 5T50 was one of the first digital tuners. It was part of Luxman's 'Laboratory Reference Series,' so it was probably built to higher standards than most consumer gear. The 5T50 should be a collector's item, even though it may not be better than a lot of later, cheaper digital tuners.

Our contributor Lefty tells us, "Luxman also marketed the digital T in Europe and elsewhere? This T digital model is of a very high construction quality and has great features and performance.

Luxman vintage in Electronics For Sale

My only complaint is that there is no battery save function for the memory, such that if you unplug the unit from the wall outlet you lose all your memory preselected stations.

Our contributor Peter B. Our contributor PZ adds that the 7-segment signal meter doubles as a multipath meter. PZ finds the T's selectivity "as good as any in the narrow mode. Luxman Tphoto search eBay The T is the international version of the T, identical except for its champagne gold front panel. See the T writeup below for more information.

The T only shows up about once a year on eBay-U. Timbral values and bass end are a bit light, but musical and spatial resolution are first rate. Reception is quite good. The T was made first and Luxman just repacked it inside a bigger case than the 5T10 and made very minor changes. They have the same main board where the IF and audio circuits reside, and the same transformer, power supply and RF section.

Only the CLL circuit board is different.

Luxman vintage in Electronics For Sale

The one in the T is shielded and the one in the 5T10 is not. The 5T10 has the extra high blend feature. The rest is just cosmetic differences.

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I sold mine because I was not overwhelmed by the sound - it is comparable to any number of other top tuners. I found it to be a hair off in detail, which kept it from being up there with the very best, but the main detraction, for me, was its only so-so sensitivity - it seemed to be less immune to noise on stations relatively easy to receive, compared to most other tuners I had.

But, I never had it serviced. The audio op-amp is a Four ceramic filters. There is easy access to both sides of the board for upgrades. Fixed and variable outputs. Level control on the rear panel. Defeatable muting level control on the front. The bass gives up a little richness to the Accuphase T I had, but all in all, I would say that it is a pretty good performer, and the sound is surprisingly refined and rich to boot.

It has 4 gangs and 4 ceramic filters for FM, and 2 AM gangs.Currently only value available is grubbs. When name is grubbs, it returns Grubbs Result Object. An outlier present in the data. It is available only when at at least of one of the boolean values in significant is true. Example: 128 description optional A description of the model up to 8192 characters long. Example: true name optional The name you want to give to the new model.

Example: 10 randomize optional Setting this parameter to true will consider only a subset of the possible fields when choosing a split. Example: 16 tags optional A list of strings that help classify and index your model. Boosting attribute for the boosted tree.

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All the information that you need to recreate or use the model on your own. Specifies the list of ids of the field that the model predicts. More concretely, it contains the training data distribution with key training, and the distribution for the actual prediction values of the tree with key predictions. Importance is the amount by which each field in the model reduces prediction error, normalized to be between zero and one.

Default strategy followed by the model when it finds a missing value. At prediction time you can opt for using proportional. A dictionary with an entry per field used by the model (not all the fields that were available in the dataset). They follow the same structure as the fields attribute above except that the summary is not present. A Node Object, a tree-like recursive structure representing the model. Method of choosing best attribute and split point for a given node.

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A status code that reflects the status of the model creation. Example: "000005" boosting optional Gradient boosting options for the ensemble.

Luxman Equipment For Sale SOLD

Required to created an ensemble with boosted trees. Example: 128 description optional A description of the ensemble up to 8192 characters long.

luxman for sale

Example: flase name optional The name you want to give to the new ensemble. Example: "000003" ordering optional Specifies the type of ordering followed to build the models of the ensemble. Example: 16 tags optional A list of strings that help classify and retrieve the ensemble. If no significant improvement is made on the holdout, boosting will stop early.

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